Tuesday, April 1

The rough of me is just outside

Tema mlm ni moody dan bad mood. . Tp pape pon live must go on kan.. so, chaiyok farah..
Ok today lesson is belajar x kire la minat or x, tp kne belaja.. but for me, learn is important but give a try is one a must.. to go beyond isn't easy to get.. tgk balik kat our capabilities. .
Aq pnt belaja jd someone demi someone. . Nmpk berbelit x.. tp mksd die lbh kurg cmni la, change sst dlm idup kite sbb seorg lain y mgkin bernilai utk kite..
blja dr ksilpan, aq x nk jd org mcm ni lg.. just please accept me as who I am..
Please. .

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